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Spatial Data Infrastructure

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Water Sector

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The Water Sector Trust Fund (WSTF) is a Kenyan State Corporation under the Ministry of Water and Sanitation and established under the Water Act, 2016, with the mandate to provide conditional and unconditional grants to the Counties and to assist in financing the development of and management of water services in the marginalised and underserved areas, including:

  1. Community level initiatives for the sustainable management of water resources
  2. Development of water services in rural areas considered not to be commercially viable for provision of water services by licensees
  3. Development of water services in the under-served poor urban areas
  4. Research activities in the area of water resources management and water services, sewerage and sanitation.

Project Aim

Carry out mapping of all water project utilities in the pilot counties

Commencement Date

March 1, 2017

Completion Date

Sept. 1, 2018



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Water Sector Trust Func

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